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Laura’s Guide to Laguna Woods is Back!

August 29th, 2017|1 Comment

Laura’s Guide to Laguna Woods is back online with a new look!  I bring this up because the site will have a few “holes” over the next few days and I hope you will bear with me as I make these upgrades. In this post I will explain in detail how and what is happening and hopefully you will be happy for the changes. My goal with the new development is to make it easier to navigate, more attractive, and offer more functionality for the site visitor.

Construction Dust

Some of the areas of the site are 80-90% completed such as LAURA’S VILLAGE GUIDEBOOK which is a narrative about Laguna Woods Village and is found using the menu The Guide. Some area such as the Clubs is forwarded to the old site. I guarantee that you will find more broken links than imaginable. Experts would tell me to migrate when the new site was built or at least perform a launch that is more agile.

The Big News

Here is the biggest change of all. I have created a way to help CLUBS have a web presence for FREE. I will post more detailed information about this upgrade as it becomes available but let me give you a sneak peek. Each club will have the ability to request a website (not just a webpage). You will have your choice of designs and I will provide you with classes and personal training to learn how to use WordPress® so that you can be in control of your club communications.

Before I Get Technical

I want to say thank you to site visitors for your feedback! Keep your calls and emails coming.  In the meantime, I am working as fast as I can to finish the migration. Take care, Laura

Geek Speak: What Was Drupal®is Now WordPress®

When I originally built Lauras Guide to Laguna Woods Village I used the application Drupal®.  CMS geeks know that Drupal® powers some of the most important websites in the world. I became involved in the Drupal®  community around 2006 when the software was in its 5.x version. Since then it has become more user friendly however it is still more difficult to “skin” than many other CMS.  The term “skin” in this context refers to the visual elements (which is tons of code).

This summer I looked at all the different areas of the site and decided I could accomplish the same functions using WordPress®.  WordPress® is a popular CMS that is much easier for a busy publisher to manage. I started using both applications at the same time. However, since I want to spend less time on the site and more time with site visitors, I have started migrating to WordPress®.

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